Implementing Agencies

NLTM (Natural Language Translation Mission) Pilot is being carried out by a consortium of academic and institutional partners. Each partner focuses on a distinct set of language technologies and domains. The following are brief descriptions of the roles of the partners:

IIT Madras (Automatic Speech Recognition & Text to Speech)

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in Indian English, Tamil, Hindi, and Text to Speech Synthesis for conversational speech in Indian languages, in particular Hindi, Tamil, and Indian English. The system is built using NPTEL transcripts after curation (time alignment, correction for insertion, substitution and deletion). Transcripts for new lecture videos (in the domains of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Humanities) is produced automatically using the ASR system developed. Machine translation systems will be used to translate the Indian English text to Indian languages. These will again be synthesized using the TTS systems developed by IITM in the corresponding language (Hindi, Tamil).


Speech to Speech Translate ASR Online Service TTS offline Service Github ASR Offline ASR Upload Speech Processing Lab


Prof. Hema A Murthy & Prof. S Umesh