About NPLT

Introduction to NPLT

National Platform for Language Technology (NPLT) platform for academia, researcher as well as industry to provide access to Indian Language Data, Tools and related web services.

This Platform serves as a marketplace of linguistic resources, tools and services developed either by Government, Startups, Industry and other stakeholders. Startups, MSMEs, International Academic Researchers, MNCs and Foreign Entities having an interest in Natural Language Processing can avail Indian Languages resources from this portal. This initiative will open avenues for many more innovative uses of research data and language technologies services. Researchers can make use of resources for their experimental work whereas Industry can build new products and services in Indian languages. The resources on NPLT are available both for research and commercial purposes.

The resource on this platform is available in secure, managed and compliant ways. This will bring research data to the market which lend power to machine learning algorithms, and improve the accuracy of models. NPLT aims to provide a central point of “discoverability of Indian Language Data, technologies and services etc" to satisfy data needs.

NPLT Portal Core Services


Marketplace of Indian Language Data(Speech,Text,Image Corpus),NLP tools and translation services

Proliferation and Promotion

Platform to promote Resources/Services/Tools

Product Cataloguing Facility

Get your Products(Dataset/Tools) Catalogued and listed on the platform


Know about Leaders Positions in NLP Challenges/Language Technology

NPLT Portal Features


Simple Registration process to avail services. All you have to do is verify yourself using email id, OTP and other registration norms laid down by NPLT


Dashboard for User to manage account, view order history, product rating, access to download and many more.


Wide range of payment options, secured and more convenient online transactions.


Delivering information to the users of NPLT at the right time through email and SMS.


Tracking and identifying user experience, session time, behaviour and actions.


Consumers want to know what others say about the product they are interested in.