Startup Engagement

In the NLTM project, Government aims to collaborate with startup to solve real and pressing problems of Indian Language technology domain(Speech Recognization, Text to Speech, Machine Translation, OCR, Localization, Content/Data creation, etc.) and offers startup with free access to a wide range of research outcomes, connections to top domain expert, researchers, and showcase platform.

A key focus of engagement  will be : 

  • Connecting Government, Academia with Startup 
  • Working closely aligning research opportunities with industry
  • Startup can offer translation services using localization framework  offered under NLTM project
  • Startup can use outcomes directly in their applications and add value 
  • Awareness about the various Govt Schemes that may be of use to Startup
  • Undertake research and attempt to solve difficult research-oriented problems 
  • Space for showcasing startup tools/technologies/services
  • Hold Workshops of Leaders in various domain
  • Engagement with Start-ups for Post-editing and content generation


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