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Assamese Pronunciation Lexicon Dictionary

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Added on : 18 Jul 2019

Under the ‘Development of Pronunciation Lexicon, Based on Experimental Study Of Phonetics And Phonemic Of Indian Languages’ project initiated by the MeitY, Govt. of India, PLS Consortia led by C-DAC, Kolkata has created Pronunciation Lexicon for Assamese language.

The PLS (Pronunciation Lexicon) specification is about how to pronounce words and phrases and how to deal with the variability of pronunciations by country, region, person, etc. The Pronunciation Lexicon Specification (PLS) is a W3C Recommendation, which is designed to enable interoperable specification of pronunciation information for both speech recognition and speech synthesis engines within voice browsing applications.

This data is created with the help of a detailed experimental study of phonetics and acoustic analysis pertaining to the specificities of Assamese Language. This experimental study leads to the standardization of Phonemic inventory and modelling for acoustic and phonetic features for each of Indic Languages; a crucial and essential requirement for IPA and W3C PLS, SSML and SGRS standards.

This data contains Acoustics Data, EGG, EPG, Nasometer data and PLS.xml of Assamese Language.

PLS Attributes
Language Assamese
No. of Lexemes 53304
Annotation PLS specification as per W3C Standard
File Format XML Files and wav files
File Size 1.32 GB

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