User Manual
NPLT User Manual

The dashboard is segregated into different sections as below :

1. Resource category

2. User statistics 

3. Download count of top ten resources

4. User group wise order history

5. Total no. of resources,users & orders

Benefits of Startup Wall - NPLT Startup wall is a one-stop platform to provide better exposure  for all NLP Startup and to  interact amongst each other.

Startup Wall consist of different sections -

1. How To Indian startups Register on Portal?

Step1: Click on Registration Link

Step2: Choose user type Indian Startup 

Step3: Fill All the details & upload required document

Step4: Enter your mobile no. Do the OTP Verification

Step5: Admin checks your details & activate Your Account

Step6:  After successful registration user can  login & Proceed

 2. Startup Wall Display  -After successful registartion of startup & approval from admin ,their profile will display 

on startup wall .

Startup wall module has two pages :

1.  Display of all startups into single page

2. Individual page of a startup which consist of different key fields like Team Strength,Domain,Languages Supported ,Website URL & brief summary of startup.